These marvels, which our love of food, digests with happiness.

It is to the memory of the senses that this work refer.
My creations have neither taste, nor smell.
Only eyes are going to manage the memory of the real-life experience in these chosen combinations.
Of the visual perception germinate the taste, the consistency and the virtual smell of the sardine on the strawberry.
Fooled by scales different from actors of these associations, the senses get tangled and sometimes negotiate the rejection of the eyes, there where the taste is delight.
Subliminal interferes in the access to the understanding.
The new combination of two visual truths, generates a fiction in the spectator’s mind.
Between the pleasure, the strange and sometimes the disgust.
This work, rather simple of approach, is, for the first look as a "riddle". What ingredients, which flavors, which smells, which touched? What sounds? What gustative results can generate binomials?
Sardine sur Langoustine

Variations Bretonnes

Oursin sur Champignon

Langoustine sur Agaric

Fraise à la Sardine

Chou à la Saint Jacques

Moule au Piment d'Espelette

Carotte Maquereau

Praire Citron Vert

Poireau Saint Jacques

Pousse Pied sur Ormeau

Tomate Sardine

Oursin sur Batavia

Maquereau sur Oursin

Chou rouge Galaté

Bigorneau sur Galette

Araignée sur Potiron

Artichaut sur Vieille

Variations sous Sardine

Sardine sur Artichaut

Sardine sur Andouille

Sardine sur Petit Beurre

Sardine sur Brocoli

Sardine sur Cervelas

Sardine sur Choux

Sardine sur Fraise

Sardine sur Galatée

Sardine sur Galette

Sardine sur Café

Sardine sur Kiwi

Sardine sur Lard

Sardine sur Melon

Sardine sur Oeuf dur

Sardine sur Orange

Sardine sur Moule

Sardine sur Dorade

Sardine sur Perle

Sardine sur Persil

Sardine sur Pomme

Sardine sur Praire

Sardine sur Feuille de chêne

Sardine sur Scarole

Sardine sur Steack

Sardine sur Tomate

Sardine sur Vache

Sardine sur Vieille